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Whether you need to remodel or to upgrade your old pool deck our highly skilled professionals can help turn your backyard into your personal paradise. Brick pavers or travertine pavers will not only make an elegant deck but it will also provide a safe and non-slip surface for sunbathing, entertaining, playing and hanging out if  you want a clean and modern look, an intimate courtyard feel, or a beautiful natural environment, our professionals will create the pool deck of your dreams.


A patio is an extension of your living room and Alpha Brick Pavers takes great pride in transforming your patio into your own little paradise.  Patios are fun places to have your family and friends for cookouts, birthday parties, or to simply relax and enjoy a beautiful ambiance.  Let us take your vision and make it a reality. 


Poured concrete or interlocking brick pavers are the two materials you can choose for your driveway. Brick paver is considered a more superior option besides enhancing the beauty of your house and its value here are a few advantages of brick pavers these benefits will make interlocking brick pavers a great investment.

 Safety is one of the most promising and appealing advantages of brick pavers driveway their abrasive and textured surfaces make them resistant to slips and skids.


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Protect your investment by sealing your pavers after the installation. The sealer will protect the pavers from UV degradation and fading. It will also enhance the beauty of the pavers by giving a shine or semi-shine wet looking. We will use the polymeric sand when sealing your pavers to solidify or stabilizing the joint in between the individual stones it will also protect from weeds to grow in between the pavers. 

If your pavers have been deteriorated due to the exposure to the heat and tropical rainy weather in Florida we also offer a complete restoration for your brick paver driveway, pool deck, walkway or any brick paver or travertine by pressure washing, remove the old sand and replace it with the polymeric sand and 2 coats of a high-performance sealer. Using only premium products such as UR Seal or Seal and lock and years of hands-on experience, our experts will make your area look like new.

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